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With multiple locations across Utah, scheduling your pain-free appointment with Dr. Kevin Croft is just a call away.


Dr. Croft provides all levels of sedation while your dentist provides the dentistry. Sedation options include conscious sedation, oral sedation, IV sedation, inhalation anesthesia, nitrous oxide, minimal sedation, moderate sedation, deep sedation, and general anesthesia.

Services include cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, implants, extractions, esthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, holistic approaches, sealants, dentures, chronic and acute pain management, TMJ/TMD therapy, emergency visits, root canals and much more.

We employ state-of-the-art equipment, striving for the highest standard of care. Our approach is reflective of monitoring guidelines used in hospitals and surgery centers. Dr. Croft personally treats each and every patient all the way through from induction to recovery and to discharge, ensuring safe and timely care.

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"I've worked with alot of sedation providers over the years and their patients all seem to wake up really groggy and drugged-up. Its totally different with Dr. Croft. HIs patients wake up faster and look like they are ready walk out of the office! I've never seen anything like it. Its kind of amazing."

Robert Boyden DDS

“I’ve never seen sedation done like Dr. Croft does it. After doing one case with him I realized just what dentistry is missing.”

Bryant Cornelius DDS, FAGD, MBA

“Dr. Croft’s character is of the highest caliber and his integrity is unquestioned. I would let him anesthetize me or mine in a heartbeat.”

Christopher Gallagher MD, Anesthesiology Residency Director, Stony Brook NY

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21st Century Care, Start to Finish


Cutting-Edge Comfort

"I love getting my teeth drilled" said no one ever.

Sedation care is, according to the American Dental Association "Integral to the practice of dentistry." With Dr. Croft patients ranging from the slightly anxious to the severely phobic can get treatment as if it were just another day at the office. On a daily basis he treats patients with:


Special Needs

Sensitive gag reflexes

Low pain thresholds

Simple preferences to not remember the procedure

Preference to avoid needles

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No injections? No needles? No problem.

Did you know you can go to the dentist without getting shots? Dr. Croft keeps you pain-free while enabling your dentist to do their best work. Most patients don't even need injections either. Now and your children can go to the dentist without ever seeing a needle and without having to go home numb!

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Its Your Care. Take Control.

DDSleep is unique in that we allow you to take control of your care. For example, we allow you to control how you go to sleep. Options include induction by mask, I.V., I.M., oral or a combination of these techniques. Dr. Croft wants you to be in control and fully confident with the care he provides. Nothing facilitates good care and satisfaction more than you being in control of your own care, start to finish.


A Very Individualized Approach

We cater our dentistry and our anesthetics to each individual patient, providing you comfort and satisfaction. From mask inductions to avoidance of local anesthesia, you can confidently select your own unique treatment to match your own unique needs.


Schedule Dr. Croft for your Sedation Care Today!

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To request a free consultation, schedule a case, have Dr. Croft put on a lunch and learn, study group or continuing education seminar, complete this form and we will promptly respond.

P.O. Box 522354, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84152

801-477-5337 (phone)

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